System Failures

Unplanned downtime can cost hundreds of dollars or more per hour. A company that does $1M per year can loose $480/hour when critical systems are down.

Backups do not meet business requirements.

Tape backup is too slow and not reliable. Cloud backup looks promising, until you see how long it takes to restore. Can your company sit still while you wait 90 minutes per gigabyte? What if the backup does not work? What do you do then?

Compliance is a chore.

How do you meet your compliance requirements? Can you implement dual factor authentication and encryption? How would you know where to start?

Dont let downtime eat into your profits

Take control with Managed IT Services

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Managed Services

The cornerstone for data security is dual factor authentication and encryption. Its what our managed services are built on top of. Daily patching and anti-virus protect your devices by making sure they are up to date. The NOC monitors 24/7/365 to ensure all systems are available. Service Desk is also available by phone, IM or email.

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Unified Messaging

Leverage Microsoft Skype for Business for your business phone and fax. With auto attendent you can direct calls to right department the first time. Voicemail is integrated with Outlook. Receive as .wav file and transcribed text. Print to any Fax and receive faxes in Outlook email.

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Backup and Disaster Planning

The time to learn your backups do not work is not when you need them. Our product takes snapshots of entire computers which allows you to instantly start the latest backup on the backup appliance. Keep critical systems working while the problem is resolved.

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Office 2016 Professional - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Email, SharePoint and Lync give you everything you need without the worry. Work from anywhere. Employ deskless power users who can securly access business data at any time and any devices. Streamline and maximize efficency with automation by adding Dynamic CRM.